Candid chat with Debina Bonnerjee

My role is very entertaining in the show ‘Vish’- Debina Bonnerjee

Debina Bonnerjee is an Indian TV actress who will be seen an upcoming TV serial ‘Vish’.

When Debina was asked how it feels to be a part of colors show she said that she is very much excited to work with colors and be part of the show and in Vish, she is performing a very interesting character which the audience might love to see.

She said that her role is not about a ‘naag’ or ‘naagin’ but something other than that.

Debina chose ‘Vish’ over any other scripts because she said she likes to do things differently and the character she is portraying is very much entertaining for her and especially for the viewers.

When asked if she is portraying a negative role or a positive one she said her character (Vish Kanya) does everything for a reason and it be a negative role for other but according to Vishkanya whatever she is doing is right.

“The Vish was rehearsed many times before the actual shoot which made the actors really clear about the role they are going to perform.” Said Debina.

When given a choice to act in supernatural shows or a reality show which would she love to act in.

She replied “I would love to keep my audience happy by whatever they want to see whether it be an OTT platform to perform a realistic role or play be a TV serial to act in a fairytale show.

To know more watch the video above.

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