Self-belief will automatically give the person his due: Zebby Singh

Zebby Singh who has debuted on the TV space with Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance talks about his role, show and his expectations.

Self-belief will automatically give the person his due: Zebby Singh

Actor-model and Mr. India finalist Zebby Singh feels blessed to have bagged the lead role in Star Bharat’s recently launched show, Papa By Chance produced by Full House Media.

For Zebby who recently put on oodles of weight for a TV pilot, he had to immediately get back in shape with the project not moving ahead. But being a fitness freak, the routine of maintaining a good physique comes naturally to him.

Says Zebby, “I feel blessed to be part of Papa By Chance. For me, the medium does not matter; it is the quality of work that matters. This character of Yuvaan is a very different one when compared to the mainstream lead roles offered on television. The character and the layers it has, gave me the kick to take it up. The story line too is not what is seen in TV today.”

Talking about his character, the young lad states, “Yuvaan is a spoilt brat but is ultimately very good at heart. He hates kids to begin with, but he is nowhere wrong. He is like a coconut, tough to crack but is so soft from within. It is interesting to explore the different shades in Yuvaan.”

Ask him if he is close to his screen persona in any way and he is quick to say, “I am very calm, shy and an introvert. I am not outgoing like Yuvaan. Also I am not flirty like him (smiles).”

Zebby has never considered a tough period in life as struggle. “Ups and downs are part of everyone’s life, and have been a part in my life too. But rather than saying that I have had my struggles, I believe in saying that if you are consistent in your work and try hard to achieve it, you will get your results. I have been in the acting field for four years now, and I have understood that in acting lies my passion.”

Zebby who will be seen in a prominent role in Anurag Kashyap’s flick Manmarziyan starring Abhishek Bachchan, Taapse Pannu and Vicky Kaushal says that he got to learn a lot of behind the screen nuances with this big screen experience. “I play an integral part of the family, and will be seen as Taapsee’s cousin brother.”

On his camaraderie with the kids in the show, the actor avers, “While I hate them onscreen, I adore them off the screen. We are great friends and we always spend time together. If they are not shooting, they are with me.”

Papa By Chance has been said to be adapted from the evergreen Hindi flick of Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla, Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke. Ask Zebby whether he is ready for the non-stop comparisons with the great Aamir Khan and he states, “I was a kid when the film was made. I don’t even remember seeing it. And I did not want to see the film and get reference from it. I want to shape my character in the way I perceive it. Also, with what I have read about the film and having compared it with our story, I feel our story line is different. The movie did not have the mother angle, and in Papa By Chance, there is a lot to play with, when it comes to the mother and son track.”

On his expectations from the show and his debut vehicle on TV, Zebby quips, “I want the TV viewers to love the show. They should see something different in it. Soon after the promo broke out, I got a huge response on my social media, and many liked the promo and my presence in the show. I hope for a positive response overall.”

Zebby who is a fitness freak has been working on his body non-stop for the last 8-10 years. “I feel that self-belief will automatically give the person his due. I do not think about the future. I live in the moment and believe in myself.”

Power Yoga and meditation has helped Zebby get a good control over his mind. “Earlier I used to do weight training. But now due to the lack of time, I do power yoga and meditate a lot. When we hold our stretches and breathe as much as we can, it makes our body very flexible and active.”

Zebby, wish you all the very best for your future!!


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