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Candid chat with Sana Makbool Khan

I am a selfish actor: Sana Makbool Khan

Sana Makbool Khan had a major creative difference with her Colors supernatural show Vish makers (Peninuala Pictures).

Apparently, they wanted the show to end with a pregnant Sana giving birth to a baby girl who might eventually become another vish kanya in the second season, which is in the works.

But Sana point blank refused to become a mother, forcing the creative to change the story at the eleventh hour and get Sana’s character Aliya killed.

Sana confirmed the same, saying, “You need to understand from my perspective. I don’t want to become a mother on TV, period. And above all, this was not told to me at first. This came as a bolt from the blue. I played the pregnant part despite it not being part of the script, but showing the mother feeling is a different ball game, and I don’t want to show that I am ready to play mother, for once I do it, I will get similar offers. And when I refuse, they will say you did it for Vish, so why not for us?”

“Had this been a daily drama, I would have accepted, knowing that stories change overnight. But this was always an 80-episode limited series, with possible options for a sequel. This time, we might come back, not on TV, but online on Voot.”

“I am selfish as an actor and have no qualms about it. The creative tried to convince me to do it as it was just 2 scenes, but I refused on grounds of principle.”

“Having said that, I am happy to note that the makers, realizing that I would not budge, agreed to change the story. It was not a bad parting. I even attended the wrap-up party at Debina’s place. I also told producer Nissar that we are like family, where despite disagreements, relationships don’t flounder.”

“You never know, I might return with season 2 as well.”

What about the rumour that you were also unhappy with shooting of stunt scenes?

“There was just one scene that I refused, not feeling safe as it was a deep fall. I am not going to put my well-being on the line.”

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