I am very similar to my fun-loving Tantra character in real life: Munisha Khatwani

Munisha Khatwani talks about her new show Tantra

I am very similar to my fun-loving Tantra character in real life: Munisha Khatwani

Tarot card reader and actress, Munisha Khatwani, is back to acting after a long break. She is playing an important character in new Colors supernatural show, Tantra.

“I play Juhi Parmar’s sister-in-law. It is a fun-loving, light-hearted character. Munisha (I am playing myself) is totally into page 3, clicking selfies and looking good all the time. Harsh Vashisht, who is a great actor, is opposite me. One of the main reasons for saying yes to this project was that I am so similar to my above character, that I will not need to act,” says Munisha.

When asked whether tantra or black magic really exists, she says, “It does happen, for I have personally come across such negative energies when advising my tarot clients (skin colour changing). Although our astrological service doesn’t really dwell on these things, we generally suggest what paths to take to fight the evil or better our lives.”

At first, Munisha found it a bit tough to get back into the daily show grind. “You have to devote 12 hours a day for 20-22 days a month. Also, here schedules are erratic. You don’t know till 10 pm whether you will be shooting the next day. This was leading to my tarot sessions appointment calendar going haywire. But now, I am learning to adapt to our TV ways of functioning,” says Munisha, whose last long-running show was Sindoor Tere Naam Ka on Zee TV.

“Swastik Production is a swell team to work with; they are always ready to meet you halfway. Siddharth Kumar Tewary is a great producer and I love him for that.”

“Also, since I have a great set of co-actors like Juhi Parmar and Manish Goel, etc., shooting becomes a breeze. It is very important to have similar thinking people, lest life becomes a drag, as you end up spending virtually your entire day on set.”

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