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Rohit Suchanti, Ramakant of Saathiya in a detailed interview with

Success to me is to live in the moment, be happy and keep my environment happy – Rohit Suchanti

Rohit Suchanti, the newest find in Television today is a contented man as he has managed to gather oodles of experience and learning during his journey with Saathiya.

From the time the boy was given a dashing entry in the popular show as Gopi’s son, there has been no looking back for him. He has consciously kept himself out of the limelight when it comes to being written about, as for him, his work had to do the talking!!

In a very rare, and if we can say, one of the first interviews that he has given of himself, the young lad chatted with about his amazing Saathiya experience, about himself, the way he looks at his life and career and much more….


How has your journey with Saathiya been?

My journey with Saathiya will always be special because the first is always memorable. It has been my first GEC show and the learning I have had is something that I am hoping to build from.

You have all the age to get serious with saas bahu sagas. Why did you not opt for a youth show and got into the genre of drama so early in age and career?

I am an actor and I am going to experiment with all kinds of roles. The reason I chose this profession was because I want to live so many lives. So youth shows or massy shows, and even I am game for digital space. As long as I am able to be learning new things and challenging myself as an actor, all is welcome.

Saathiya has closed down. Your thoughts.

I am grateful to be part of a show that will be remembered in times to come. I was in a mall with my mother when nearly hundred women stopped us and were shouting Ramakant’s name. They were like Gopi nu beta … and my mother was all teary-eyed. She was so emotional that she did not even correct them that she is my mother. We just looked at each other and I could see how proud she was. Everything starts to end, like the new show Maha Kaali says ‘Ant hi Aarambh hai’ (smiles). I wish all the best to the entire team.

How was it to work with the entire Saathiya family?

You feel nervous when you enter a new space and new environment. But this one was just amazing because they welcomed us with open arms. I have had such an amazing time with each and every one in the cast. I have learnt so much about acting, professionalism from the people here, something that cannot be taught in an acting school too.

Do you think you got a good exposure to portray your acting skills in Saathiya? Or do you regret taking it, as the show has shut?

I was launched in Singapore. The series was directed by one of the best directors in the country Pawan ji (Malhotra); you think I will regret or want to change any of this. All I can say is that I feel blessed to have been part of the Saathiya journey.

How is Rohit Suchanti as a person?

What I am as a person is for people to find out.

What are you passionate about?

Gym, books, movies, travelling and horses.

Your likes and dislikes…

I dislike lies and show off. I am an open-minded person. I am ready to like most of it that the world has to offer (smiles).

Why did you keep yourself low profile even after being part of Saathiya?

Yes, it was a conscious decision to do so.  It was my first foray into a GEC show and I am learning. So I was strictly advised to only focus on learning and doing my best and not to be influenced by PR, social media etc. I am glad that I listened.

You shared limelight with two girls cast opposite you. How was it to work with Priya Tandon and Shruti Prakash? How has your rapport been with them?

Both were amazing co-actors and it was a brilliant time with them.

How was your rapport with your off-screen parents, Devoleena and Nazim?

Well, you are forgetting my grandmother Kokila, it’s important to mention her here. I really love and respect her; she has taught me so much about life and work. Now to my parents, Devoleena is one of the most beautiful actors I have come across. She is and will be too young to play a mother ever (smiles). For me, she is and will be my first co-star … even before Priya and Shruti. As for Nazim sir, he is my senior and I respect him for the dedication he has given to Saathiya.

What is your immediate goal now?

I don’t have time for an immediate goal to set because I am jumping from my Saathiya role to a new one for a web series of Ekta Kapoor. Once I wrap this up, I will be setting a new goal.

Who is your inspiration in this industry?

Vikas Gupta is the boy who inspires me. He is like James Franco. He is not even 30 and has achieved so much. He writes, directs, acts in plays, hosts TV shows and helps people. He has been the one who has launched me and guides me throughout. So you can say Lost Boy is my inspiration. As an actor, I love Nakuul Mehta and Karan Patel.

What are the kind of shows that appeal to you?

More than shows, it’s the stories that appeal to me. On Indian Television if it is not a limited series, most of the shows no matter what, come down to almost the same stories. But I am game for that. As long as I am one of the three on who the story is – maa beta bahu, pati patni our who!!

Are you game for reality shows?


How has the response been for you in Saathiya?

As I have already said, it has been phenomenal.

How was it working with Rashmi Sharma?

Rashmi ma’am’s name has to be taken with Pawanji. They are together the most amazing team, with an extremely professional set up. Pawan ji is the one who I am more close to and comfortable, because he was also my director. Rashmi Sharma Films is family to me now.

Are you game for the bold and daring roles on TV?

Please watch Class of 2017, you will get your answers.

You take on the digital market of today?

Totally exciting and I am glad that different stories are being told on this platform.

Have controversies troubled you?

I stay away from the C of it also. Focus on work, love for your family and learn and have fun with friends. This is my motto in life.

Otherwise, what is your motto in life?

Live and let live….

What does success mean to you?

Success is perceptive. I like to live in the moment and be happy and keep my environment happy. That’s success for me.


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