Sneha Wagh found the love of her life on the sets of Chandragupta Maurya

Sultan, my new love is my savior on the set: Sneha Wagh

Sony Entertainment Television’s most adored show- Chandragupta Maurya, recreates the historical series of the Mauryan Emperor – Chandragupta. This historically dramatic series revolves around Chandragupta Maurya and his journey of becoming one of the greatest emperors who has created history. In an upcoming track, Dhana Nanda has to face the munity of Chandragupta Maurya for the very first time. Supporting Chandragupta Maurya in this mutiny is none other than his guru Chanakya and his mother Moora.  Turns out that the strong lady playing the role of Chandragupta’s mother- Mura, Sneha Wagh, found the love of her life on the sets.

Sneha Wagh is a strong independent lady who has immense love for animals in her heart. One such love that recently took her by surprise is that of a horse named ‘Sultan’ who came on the sets specially for Mura to take over the battle against Dhana Nanda. As soon as she saw the horse, she went mad and ran towards the horse. Somehow, from one of her trips where she had to horse ride, she knew how to tackle horses. She played with horse for some time, gave him some biscuits and later rode on it. She mentions “Sultan is the sweetest horse I have ever seen in my life. Whenever I call out his name, he immediately responds and turns towards me. He loves to play with me and eat out of my hand. I feel like I got a baby on the sets.”

In a scene, Sneha had to ride the horse and she did it so beautifully. The entire crew was scared but she was not afraid at all and did not want to get off the horse. On this she said, “It was back in England, when I had to go to countryside and ride a horse. They had a lot of rules and regulations which I learnt there that made it easy for me to handle this horse. And this is how I learnt horse riding and tackling the horses.”

It’s a beautiful feeling working with these beautiful animals. They cannot speak but working with them makes me feel alive and happy.

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