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Sunny Hindustani one of the finalists of Indian Idol 11 gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

I am sure that I will win Indian Idol 11: Sunny Hindustani

Indian Idol 11 the popular singing reality show on Sony TV has given a huge platform for people coming from varied places and background.

For Sunny Hindustani who was following his passion of music as he lived the life of a cobbler, the journey of Indian Idol 11 has been nothing but a dream come true moment!!

Sunny who has modulated his voice and singing based on the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab has found a splendid grounding with music on the show and has showcased his enormous talent in the best way possible.

Sunny who is one of the five finalists has a huge chance of lifting the coveted trophy this weekend and he talks about his journey and aspiration in an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

Says Sunny, “I have sung a lot of songs of Nusrat Sahab in my Indian Idol journey. He has been my Ustaad and I have learnt everything by listening to his music. I am happy that I am recognized as the boy singing Nusrat Sahab’s songs. Whoever has forgotten Nusrat Sahab gets to remember him with my singing. I am happy that my name is associated with such a legendary singer.”

“Having said this, I have sung a lot of other songs too in my Indian Idol journey. I worship him and sing with utmost love for him. He is a huge artist and I have been enjoying his music from childhood. The passion for music brought me to singing,” he says.

Talking about his friends on Indian Idol 11, Sunny states, “All of us are close and gel well.”

Ask him about his chances of winning the trophy and he states, “I am sure that I am going to win Indian Idol 11. But even if I don’t win, I am happy with the love that I am getting from all around. So win or defeat will not affect my state of mind. I have won hearts with my music and that is a big achievement for me. All have their own forte and quality when it comes to singing. And nobody is above or below anyone here.”

“Music is something that connects you with God. So this is not a competition, but the love that we shower on all with our music,” Sunny adds.

Ask him about his reaction if he would win, and he states, “If I win, I don’t know how I will react. I will be excited for sure.”

His message to his fans will be, “I am thankful to all of them who have brought me to the Top 5 phase of the show. I will always treasure the love got from them.”

Best of luck, Sunny!!

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