Tanvi and I are not dating: Dishank Arora

Dishank Arora refutes rumours of dating Tanvi, and also talks about his journey.

Tanvi and I are not dating: Dishank Arora

Dishank Arora of Star Bharat show Jiji Maa (Jay Productions) denies reports of him dating co –star Tanvi Dogra. “We are just very good friends who have lots of fun onset. She is also a very good actor and a down to earth person.”

“Sadly today the definition of friendship has changed, if a boy and a girl are seen enjoying each other’s company, you automatically jump to the conclusion that they must be a couple which is not always the case. Same thumb rule applies to us as well.”

Talking about his character Dishank says, “I am quite like Suyyash in respecting my folks’ wishes. It is indeed a challenge to keep both mother and wife/girlfriend happy. But the trick lies in keeping both happy. If you can do that your life is sorted.”

Dishank who has been around TV for a long time has slowly risen up the ladder, “I started with bit negative roles. And today thanks to the blessing of my family I have now risen to playing the lead.”

Here he accepts that the ball game changes once you net a big ticket lead. “However those who reach on top too quickly don’t last long. I on the other hand have been learning it the hard way and will respect the craft and my success.”

So how did you pep yourself up during those long struggling years? “If you are passionate enough and stick on the right way, then sooner or later you do find your place under the sun. Having said that, you need to keep your head on your shoulders, not over spend when earning less. Sadly many young aspiring actors do fall in that trap. Yoo also need to keep the company of right people who help you to keep focused on your task.”

“Luckily I did not face any such hardships; I for always knew where to draw the line and yes some or the other assignments (ads and episodics) kept popping up from time to time as well.”

Looking ahead this talented actor would want to try his hands at hard core action.

Way to go, Dishank!!


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