Tarun Khanna’s young fan came all the way from Kolkata to meet him in person....

Tarun Khanna’s amazing ‘fan’ experience…

Actor Tarun Khanna played ‘host’ to his young fan Radhika Datta who specially flew down from Kolkata with her parents to meet her favourite actor!!

Yes, the girl very much likes Tarun in his avatar of Mahadev in Karamphal Data Shani and was eager to meet him for a long time. For Radhika, her dream came true yesterday when she met Tarun at the Inorbitt Mall, Mumbai.

Says Tarun, “Radhika had been pestering her parents for a long time to meet me
in Mumbai. She really ate their mind and finally the parents obliged. I met her and her parents at the Inorbitt yesterday. I felt very bad as they had to wait for nearly two hours as I had to wrap up shoot and reach the place. Also, I offered to pay for their flight tickets but her father refused. It was indeed joyous to meet the spirited girl. I made her talk to Shani (Kartikeya Malviya) too. I am trying my best to get them on the sets of Shani so that she meets everyone associated with the show she likes.”

Radhika also gave Tarun a pleasant surprise by gifting him with framed pictures of Tarun and his actor wife, Smriti Khanna.

Aww!! Indeed a memorable actor-fan moment!!

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