All is well between Ashi Singh and Shagun, the Meet stars. Earlier, the rumours were sprawling that the two share a strained dynamic and are not cordial on sets. However, the former has denied all the rumours in latest interview, read

“There is definitely no cold war… I laugh when people say we have an ego issue”, Ashi Singh on Meet co-star Shagun

Amid all the rumours that the Meet stars are not cordial on the setss, it appears that the relationship between the Meet’s lead actors Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey is amicable.

The actors, who portray a romantic pair on screen, were rumoured to have a strained dynamic.

However, Ashi Singh has recently refuted these rumors and clarified that while they may not be exceptionally close friends, they maintain a positive working relationship as co-stars. It is important to note that their professional equation seems to be cordial and focused on delivering their best performances on screen.

Read below to know what Ashi Singh said about her relationship with Shagun.

Ashi Singh on working with Shagun

Talking about it to Times Of India, Ashi Singh, said, There is definitely no cold war between us. I laugh when people say we have an ego issue. Shagun and I are two different personalities but that has never come in the way of enacting romantic scenes or heavy duty emotional scenes. We have been working together very well for the past two years

She added that they share a good equation as co-stars, “We have completely different personalities, so obviously we will not hang out with each other or be spotted at events together. But, the one thing common between us is our passion for work. So, there is no trouble, we are just co-actors and keep it professional on the set. Just because we don’t mingle or joke with each other, it does not mean there is an ego issue. We are both committed to the show.”

Shagun on the sprawling speculations of tension between him and Ashi

Talking to the same portal, Shagun said, “Ashi and I have been acting in Meet for the last two years. So, if there was a cold war or problems between us, we would not have been able to give our best to the show for so long. We are cordial and we don’t have to be great friends to give our best to the show. We don’t have to prove to people that we get along well by clicking pictures together or making reels. Just because my social media does not have pictures with Ashi, it does not mean that there is an issue.
We work perfectly in tandem with each other and the show has been doing well.”