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Neha Kakkar the Judge of Indian Idol has had some tough crying moments on the show. Check them out here.

Times When Contestants Made Neha Kakkar Cry On Indian Idol

The popular singing reality show Indian Idol which beams on Sony TV is a huge platform for aspiring singers to get recognized. As Judge of the show, Neha Kakkar the acclaimed singer has had a great journey and every time she graces the show as Judge, she enjoys it to the core.

Neha Kakkar by nature is soft-hearted, kind and very emotional. And this has brought about various situations wherein Neha has been seen crying her heart out.

Yes, there have been innumerable situations wherein Neha has been unstoppable when she gets to hear the sad stories of contestants, or when she sees their struggle bringing results with their great singing.

In fact, Neha has been criticized too and trolled on social media for crying buckets in order to raise TRPs of the show. However, the fact remains that Neha is rather emotional and gets touched by every minute sad tale.

There was also a time when Neha responded strongly after being trolled for crying in the show. She had asked her troller to troll her even when she had a mighty laugh the next time around!!

The sad stories of contestants, their sacrifices for families, the poor financial conditions of contestants, everything of this has only made Neha emotional.

And we have seen her weep, weep and weep!! There have been times when she has simply turned her back to the camera by rotating her chair, as she was not able to stop crying.

So here are some pictures of the Diva in tears!!

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