Ashi Singh is a delight to watch on Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, as Naina, but we admire her work-life balance and her maturity to prioritize education just as much!

TV Cutie Ashi Singh and what sets her apart from her contemporaries

The Indian TV screen is on its way to even more fame than it has seen in the past few decades, and despite the digital space giving a tough fight, our television shows seem to be unfazed by them. All the rising stars whose acting skills are nothing less than amazing, now have a set platform of their own in the form of Television. While TV serials and upcoming actors are numerous there are a few stars have gained special limelight in the audiences’ life.

TV Cutie Ashi Singh and what sets her apart from her contemporaries 1

One of them is Ashi Singh or as we know her, Naina of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hain. She is not just a talented actress but also somebody who has a strong sense of efficiency and understands how to prioritize her work and give it her absolute best at all times. This is evident from her taking breaks for her exams and very efficiently managing professional and educational aspects of her life already.

She’s only 22 but the acting which the audience witnesses is somebody of a mature forte and this television cutie is a huge fan favorite now. She has a strong sense of fashion and make-up, and believes in keeping it simple and classy! Her style is always on point and there’s no second doubt about it. Besides, we know for a fact that she plays a very simple girl in the serial and dresses her traditional part all too well, but in real life, she dresses vivaciously and still looks stunning in her bold and sexy style files.

We are really hoping to witness her even more in the coming days and maybe see her wish of playing the role of a psycho love like Maya in Beyhadh become true.

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