Candid chat with Hiba Nawab 

TV industry is like home: Hiba Nawab 

Hiba Nawab , currently doing SAB TV show, Jijaji Chhat Par Hain, finds herself quite comfortable in the TV industry. “It is like home now. I will not want to be anywhere else. If you don’t love what you do, life becomes monotonous. And I want to enjoy every moment of it.”

Going on, she says, “I know many people say that the industry is full of bad people, but so far I have only come across the good ones. I guess if you are good, the world is good in return.”

“The only thing is that, given the paucity of time, you can’t catch up with a lot of folks. Although I have made good friends across all my shows, we hardly get time to hang out owing to different schedules. One mostly ends up mixing with your set guys, for you not only get off work at the same time, but have similar off days. I party with my colleagues.”

Talking about her career, Hiba, who began as a child artist before returning with Tere Sheher Mein, says, “I have been very lucky to get diverse roles that give me a chance to prove my worth as an actor. Although I have been doing comic roles in my past two avatars, my current outing offers me so many different shades. Good story lines and great teamwork is what separates us from the rest,” added she, explaining her Edit 2 show’s continuing bull run.

Is making someone laugh a tough task? “Comic timing is the most essential thing in this genre. If you get it then things become easy. I am glad that I quickly got the hang of it.”

Looking ahead, Hiba too, like several other small screen compatriots, has film dreams. “If down the road, something good comes along, I will grab it with both hands. But even if it does not materialize, life will go on as I have mentioned above, I am very happy here.”

Web series is another option she is ready to consider. “It is the new in thing, but right now, I am not very comfortable with the dare-bare screenplay most web characters are required to be part of. But again, never say never.”

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