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Candid chat with Rrahul Sudhir

Twisted 1 and 2 changed the ball game for me: Rahul Sudhir

The smart and talented actor, Rrahul Sudhir, currently seen in Zee TV show, Rajaa Beta, regards the Vikram Batt-produced web series, Twisted, as the franchise that changed the ball game for him.

Main protagonist/antagonist Nia Sharma used her charm and body to literally get away with blue murder. Rrahul played the police officer in season 1, who is unable to stop Nia from her nefarious schemes, while in season 2, he tries to turn the tables on her.

“Prior to this show, I had played blink and miss parts in Vikram’s other digital shows such as Spotlight and Gehriyan.”

“But I am glad that Vikram gave me a chance to prove my skills in Twisted 1, which I grabbed with both hands. I guess he liked my efforts. No wonder, I was made the lead in season 2,” says Rahul.

Interestingly, as we had reported earlier today, Vikram confirmed to us that Twisted 3 will have a new cast as the above old story had reached its end.

However, Vikram did praise Rrahul’s work in Twisted, saying, “He held the series together.”

Point out that it was speculated that Twisted 2 did not make as much noise as the premiere season, and this stubbled dude fires back, “On the contrary, Season 2 was a bigger success in terms of market analytics, views and hits than part 1. Put simply, the makers made good money on the Vikram Bhatt app, given that it was sold at Rs 29 per series download. We got good traction streaming on Jio Cinema as well. We clocked 1 million hits in 12 hours across both platforms on the launch date.”

“Possibly, as we did not go live on YouTube as part 1, some people had that misconception that we are not as good. To be honest, season 2 was shot in an even grander style.”

Rrahul is full of praise for Nia. “She is a wonderful actress. Like many others, I too had many misconceptions about her, given her ‘sexiest woman’ tag, but she turned out to be a warm and sweet person.”

In closing, Rrahul says the biggest plus of web over TV is that “Digital lead characters need not only be positive. Also, web series have finite journeys of 13-20 episodes, where your characters go through different problems and then the story ends.”

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