Typecasting of actors should stop: Anjali Anand

Anjali Anand, Lovely of Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala in conversation.

Typecasting of actors should stop: Anjali Anand

Anjali Anand has no qualms about playing a mother to a six-year-old, in Star Plus show, Kullfi Kumarr Baajewala (4 Lions Films and Invictus T Mediaworks).

Says the actor, “I want to break the typecasting fear. Here, even the media and audience should help. We actors should be free to try all types of characters. If tomorrow, I get the role of an axe killer, I would go ahead and do it, as that is my job. It is the fear of not getting other types of roles that prevents actors from coming out of their comfort zone and experiment with different genres.”

Talking about her character, she says, “Lovely can’t think beyond herself. She has always got her way, so knows no other way. Mind you, she is not bad; she will not harm you, but she is only concerned about herself. Playing such a grayish character is another challenge to break stereotypes,” says this plus-sized girl, who impressed one and all with her performance in the short-lived ‘Dhhai Kilo Prem.

“Also, going ahead, my character will show lots of other emotions as well. Even Lovely gets hurt when she comes to know that her husband has another family. What is best about the show is that it has something for all audiences. Even Mohit Malik has made a superb comeback. Aakriti Sharma is very good as Kulfi,” she adds.

Here Anjali adds, “I was not chosen for this character for my body type but for the personality I exude. I can easily get into an hour-glass figure if I want to. But I’d rather do roles that encourage women to come out of the overweight shell they find themselves in.”

Looking ahead, Anjali would not mind doing more web series, “As long as the character has meat.” She has no issue with bold characters. “Again, I come back to my above point- why do we need to label people?” She was earlier part of Untag.

Well said, Anjali!!



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