Meera Deosthale talks about Udaan

Udann is my boyfriend as I don’t have time for anyone else: Meera Deosthale

Although two years is a long time playing the same TV character, Meera Deosthale, essaying the role of Chakor in Colors show Udaan, is not tired.

“This character is not your normal GEC lead. She gets to do so much. Chakor is self-dependent and does not need her hero to protect her when needed. She gets to shake a leg as well. There is also the staple stuff of romance, aggression and drama. I really enjoyed the post-leap part, where Chakor tries to revive her hubby’s lost memory”.

“I am honored to be part of this long-running show, which has always done well. What work are our non-run-of-the-mill tracks. Udaan also reinforces the good vs evil battle, where the forces of right always triumph in the end”, says Meera about her association with this Gurudev Bhalla production.

Meera, who started with Sasural Simar Ka, has had a slow but continuous upward trajectory. “While my earlier characters (she was also one of the sisters in Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls) did not have much to add to the narrative, they trained me in the craft, facing the camera and other technical aspects, which have held me in good stead in Udaan.”

“Udaan has completely changed me. When I first started I was #38 in some rankings. Now I am at #7, a clear indicator of my growth.”

Meera is happy that she does not have many friends in the industry. “When you start hanging out after work, then controversies happen and I am here only to work, period. And yes, I like to keep my private life out of media.”

Now that you mention personal life, what is your relationship status? “Udaan is my boyfriend; I don’t have time for anything else. Sometimes, even my mother cribs that I come home just to sleep.”

In this vein, would you prefer any industry guy who understands how TV-land works? “Yes, but for that, I should meet someone who I gel with. I am looking for someone who is not only family-driven, but also understands that it always takes two to tango.”

Besides TV, Meera is also game for web series. When asked if she would do bold role, she says, “A lot would depend on the makers, and how comfortable they make me.”

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