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Krissann Barretto opens up on her Ace of Space 2 journey and its after-effects on her personal life and mindset.

I am undergoing therapy post Ace of Space 2: Krissann Barretto

Well-known TV actor Krissann Barretto had a torturous time in the MTV reality show, Ace of Space 2.

Says Krissann, “It is very difficult to be locked away in a cramped space for over 74 days.This, coupled with the overlapping of my personal issues, which are brought to the fore by the creative, and yes, the death of my pet dogs during my locked period, have taken a huge psychological toll on me. I am not feeling well since being back. No wonder I am taking serious therapy to snap out of my shell.”

Krissann’s personal life too went through ups and downs in the house, with her ex-boyfriend Adesh Khanna also entering.

“I had been in a serious relationship with him for 5 years. But then something happened that made us drift apart. When we met again on the show, I told him that given our long past, we should re-evaluate our options and see where we go. However, the tasks on hand compel you to make choices and do stuff which you never want to do in life.”

“Although I will never want to hurt Adesh in any way, the truth is that I have started to develop feelings for Salman Zaidi (winner of the show). I tried to make amends by playing an important role in hooking him up with Nikita inside.”

“To be honest, I was not going to come clean about my feelings for Salman Zaidi, but the channel people wriggled it out of me and things happened as you saw on the tube. You have no idea how tough it was, getting no sunlight for 74 days. Things got so bad that I banged my head against the wall in sheer frustration.

Those were the worst 2 months of my life. I will never ever do a reality show again in my life,” added Krissann, who gained fame in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. She has also acted in web series such as Class of 2017 and CyberSquad.

Talking about Salman’s winning strategy, she says, “I guess what worked for him was that he remained focused on the tasks at hand and did not lose the plot to the daily stress as most of us did.”

In closing, Krissann does not feel reality shows are rigged; they are as real as they get. “Before signing up for this, I had not seen one episode of the last season, which I now feel was a mistake as I had no idea of what I was getting into.”

When asked about host Vikas Gupta, she says, “This very humble and smart man taught us a lot of lessons. He was as fair as he could be.”

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