Zain Imam is one of the most good-looking and talented young actors that we have in the Hindi TV industry. The actor has been doing good quality work in the Hindi TV industry for many years and well, everything is going hunky-dory and wonderful for him in the true and genuine sense of the term. Zain Imam loves to share new and special updates on social media about his regular life and well, we love anything and everything that we get to see happening at his end. Zain Imam is quite stylish and amazing as a personality and that’s why, whenever he shares new and engaging photos and videos on his social media handle to woo his fans, internet truly loves it for real in the true and genuine sense of the term. His swag game is limitless and well, we are totally in awe of everything that he does from his end on social media.

Whenever he shares new and engaging funny videos and content on social media, internet truly loves it for real in the true sense of the term. Well, this time, he has shared a rather different thing from his end and no wonder, fans are loving it. Well, to tell you all a little bit about this content, Zain Imam is seen sharing a scene of himself from a drunk scene on TV. Well, hey fans, do you all want to check it out right away and fall in love with her? See below –

View Instagram Post 1: Viral: Zain Imam's drunk video sends shockwaves on internet

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