Wedding sequences in Jiji Maa were brilliantly directed and shot – Dishank Arora

Dishank Arora talks about shooting for the big twists in Jiji Maa’s storyline in Jaipur.

Wedding sequences in Jiji Maa were brilliantly directed and shot – Dishank Arora

Dishank Arora, popularly known as Suyash of Star Bharat’s popular show Jiji Maa (Jay Productions) isvery much satisfied with the way the recent twists in the storyline have panned out!!

The shoot at the exotic locales of Jaipur not only provided for a visual treat but also brought some big revelations in the track.

Says Dishank, “The entire wedding sequence in Jaipur was fabulously shot. We had a great 4-5 days shoot at Jaipur and loved everything that was shot. If you have seen the telecast, the episodes were brilliantly directed and shot, especially the entry with the Ghoomar dance. People loved the track and drama that came about last week.”

On his personal takeaways from this shoot, the actor states, “There was huge drama, and people did not expect what came their way. Ghoomar dance was fabulous; both Pallavi (Pradhan) and Tanvi (Dogra) danced really well. The chopper scene created a lot of excitement for us while we shot it (smiles). The weather was not favourable, but the Producers somehow managed to work things out.”

Jiji Maa is a complete entertainment package with drama, comedy, romance and emotions playing a key factor in its success. “The story is little different from what is usually seen on TV. It is a power-packed show, providing good entertainment package. With everyone having such a busy lifestyle, people usually want to sit back and watch something that will bring a smile on their faces. And Jiji Maa only provides that wherein viewers really connect with the story of Jiji Maa. The makers of the show have done it really well to escalate and execute the show.”

On the track opening up now, Dishank states, “Till now, the story was actually being built up. The actual plot has now opened up. With Falguni getting married and coming to Rawat house, viewers can expect lot many twists and turns. People have appreciated the show till now, and hope they continue to shower their love on Jiji Maa.”

Continue your good work, Dishank!!

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