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Style icon Neil Khanna is good at many things but his love for his wife Avni and his undying support to her to stand tall against the society just stole our hearts!

Why Neil Khanna from Naamkarann was the perfect husband to Avni

Every girl wants a husband who will love her till the end of time. Neil Khanna (Zain Imam) is one such husband who fits the bill perfectly and whose character is portrayed in a different way, which grabbed the audiences eye in an instant! The reason why he is loved is because of the fact that he always stood up for his wife.

The society we live in doesn’t really give the women any rights. Most of them are forced to stay at home. The character of the show condemns this and he wants women to have a say in things. Nothing like this has ever been done on Indian television and this was a bold move considering the society we live in. To top it off, actor Neil Khanna plays the doting husband to Avni (Aditi Rathore) all too well and has the audiences rooting for this made in heaven couple all along.

Right from his looks to die for to his attitude that could kill, actor Neil Khanna is nailing every element right as Avni’s husband. The hero does have it all, but once he is in love, this hopeless romanctic will sweep you off your feet with his irresistible boyish charm. Now which girl wouldn’t want that right?

Neil Khanna’s character received positive reviews and women loved this character so much so that all of them wanted a husband like Neil Khanna. All the episodes were really popular among the fans of the show but some episodes stood out a little more than the rest.

Naamkaran has been one of the most popular serials on TV and we know most credit goes to this on-screen Jodi and even more so to style icon Neil Khanna, who was a perfect package of looks, personality and a good-at-heart character.

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