Geetika Mehandru who will play the role of Ginni in Choti Sarrdaarni gets talking.

I will enter Choti Sarrdaarni with a bang: Geetika Mehandru

Geetika Mehandru who was last seen in Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki has entered Choti Sarrdaarni on Colors in the role of Ginni!!

Earlier the role was played by Jinal Jain and now Geetika will take over from her.

On bagging the role, Geetika says, “I have already done a show ‘Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki’ with the same production house. I was approached for the show ‘Choti Sarrdaarni’ earlier as well but that time I was busy shooting for some other project. Later they approached me again and this time I was free to take another project and said yes for Ginni’s character. That’s how I bagged this role.”

On the road ahead for the character who is in love with Meher’s brother at the moment, she quips, “There’s a transition with Ginni’s character, now she has a negative approach to the character, where you can see her fighting with her mother in law (Anita Raj). And I can’t wait to shoot with her. Anita Raaj Mam is the senior-most actress and I’m looking forward to learning from her.”

Geetika is not a trained actor and in fact, has a fashion styling degree from Punjab University. “You’ll be amazed to know that I’m not a trained actress. I have been working in Mumbai for the last few years. I got fascinated with the entertainment industry. Then I thought to give it a chance. Initially, I started with ad shoots, and luckily Kabir Singh happened and now Choti Sarrdaarni.”

On her expectations from the show and role, Geetika explains, “I prefer not to expect from a person or a character. I believe in the practice approach. I do my work with honesty and leave the rest on Baba Ji.”

Last but not least she says, “I’m entering the show with a bang. You’ll see the wedding scenes and lots of drama. I’m very excited because this is the first time I’m flaunting myself in a bridal outfit on screen and I’m very happy with my look.”

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Best of luck, Geetika!!


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