Rakhi Sawant gives her two cents on the Tanushree Dutta – Nana Patekar fracas and also replies to Tanushree’s comments on her.

The Tanushree Dutta – Nana Patekar fracas has just got bigger, with the former sending a 10 crore-defamation notice to Rakhi Sawant for alleging that Tanushree was high on drugs during that infamous face off with Nana during the shooting of film, Horn Ok Please, back in 2009.

However, when we spoke to Rakhi this morning, she seemed unperturbed. “First let her file the case, for if she does, she will end up losing 2 crores (20% of claimed amount), which will have to be deposited in court before hearings can begin. I was there that day and have proof to substantiate the doping charge. She was indeed stoned, and her face had become red due to the dope after-effect. We were friends back then and she had taken me to several rave parties. Since she was not in a position to shoot, she decided to use the controversy route to wriggle out of shooting.”

“Further, I will slap a counter defamation suit of 50 crores on her for calling me low class on TV. Who is she to malign me when not even biggies have referred to me in such demeaning terms? I might not be educated but have risen by dint of hard work and no one has the right to question my background,” Rakhi stated categorically.

Here, Rakhi, who went on to do the song that Tanushree refused to do, added, “Tanushree is lying that Nana was not part of the song; he was always there. And I don’t understand the movement fuss. An item number will have a lot of jhatkas. As a heroine, she would have been aware of the same”.

Rakhi goes a step further to claim that Tanushree has got huge amounts of money from the #MeToo movement, which is America-based, to gain an Indian foothold. “She also hopes to get work or gifts as a result of the free publicity. And last, but not the least, she wants to use this for passport and visa issues.”

“People who are spear-heading this movement don’t realise that they are only harming fellow women. For it takes away the attention from real rape issues. Also, this is directly affecting women for after this, makers will be scared to offer work to women”.

“Let’s face it, whatever happens here happens by consent; no one forces you to sleep. How can you get up and cry rape after 10-20 years? It is just not done. This movement will lead to a counter #MeToo movement, as not all men are monsters. I know of several non-talented girls who have willingly offered themselves to producers for work. And if the guy falls for the ruse, he is then blackmailed. I, on the other hand, have never offered sex for work,” Rakhi stated.

When asked about the alleged molestation charges against singer Annu Malik, she said, “Who saw? I know him very well. We have spent hours in rooms during shows and he has not laid a finger on me. I don’t know why girls are putting out such false allegations, what will they get? At the end of day, nothing will happen, and these girls will be out of the industry.”

Rakhi also denied supporting Raj Thackeray on the ground of being a fellow Marathi. “I am an Indian and will support any right fellow countryman/woman. It was so wrong on Tanushree’s part to take advantage of the Thackeray family rift (Uddhav vs Raj). The joke is that there were no MNS guys on that set. Whatever fracas you saw was a result of a journalist’s fight with Tanushree and the concerned guy has already come on record.”

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