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Anusha Mishra of Tera Kya Hoga Alia gets into a conversation.

I will not go on a crash diet for my next role: Anusha Mishra

Anusha Mishra of Tera Kya Hoga Alia (Sony SAB) fame seems to be content with her plus size.

“Many people ask why you are so fat? And my answer is simple; if you eat a lot, you gain weight. And I am a foodie having just polished off a plate of papad parathas before speaking to you.”

“Also, since I had a prior sedentary job, there was not much exercise. But ever since the show has started, I have shed 10 kilos due to all the running around,” added she.

Here Anusha says she is quite similar to her character in real life, “I too have a weight issue. I would have a lot of arguments with my actor mother, but now the debate is settled as the same extra kilos landed me this show.”

“But yes, I am not crazy like my on-screen avatar, getting another man in her hubby’s Alok (Harshad Arora) life. I will never share my man period.”

“I took inspiration from films and other people on set to get the character’s wife element right.”

I especially wish to thank Harshad, for as I was never close to a man like a husband-wife, he went out of the way to make me comfortable on set. He would also help me get scenes when I would have issues with them.”

Priyanka Purohit, too is a great actor, nowadays we have lots of Alia- Tara (Priyanka) clash scenes. It is good to note that over time my character has grown smarter; she now handles her husband with much more elan. Her friend and mother ably assist her.”

Anusha is very happy at the ratings, “We have gone up from 0.4-0.6. Many did not expect the football track to click, but it did as we went as high as 0.8. I have similar high hopes from Mrs. Agra track too.”

Looking ahead, Anusha would not want to go on a crash diet to get into the shape for her next role. “I don’t think size decides your role unless the plotline is the same.”

“ I am quite happy the way I am, and if any change has to happen, it will be organic,” ended she

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