Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey reflects on the daily struggles of an average middle-class person with interesting everyday stories. The show keeps its audience hooked with its relatable storylines and realistic characters. With the coming episodes of the show, we will see the Wagle family highlighting an issue that every woman faces in her life, which is, being taken for granted for their “Yes Woman” nature.

Vandana (Pariva Pranati) realises that she has become accustomed to saying “Yes” to everything she’s been asked to do. She will feel she is being taken for granted by her family and her neighbours, too, just because she always says yes to the things asked of her, even when she wants to say no. Things will become more emotionally difficult for Vandana, as she does not want to hurt others by disagreeing with them. Rajesh Wagle (Sumeet Raghavan) steps in as the wise husband that he is to help her out. The upcoming episodes will bring to light an issue that almost every woman faces and, as it always does, will come up with a solution that is not so difficult to adopt.

Will Rajesh Wagle be able to make Vandana understand the importance of saying “No’’?

Pariva Pranati, who plays Vandana Wagle, shares her views as a woman in the upcoming episode and says, “The issues depicted in the show reflect situations of everyday life that we as people go through, and such authentic representation makes it easier for our audience to connect with us daily. The upcoming episode is something most women will relate to, including me. It becomes important for women to realise they could most probably be taken for granted for their ‘Yes Woman’ nature. It is up to them to break out of this habit and learn to say no when they want to say no to something. This need for us to be ‘nice’ to people is what hurts us the most, and more women need to realise that just because they say no to something – it doesn’t make them a bad person!”