Yuvaan’s ‘protein shakes’ to do the trick for him in Papa By Chance

Yuvaan will come up with a wonderful idea of finding shelter for him and kids in Star Bharat’s show, Papa By Chance.

Yuvaan’s ‘protein shakes’ to do the trick for him in Papa By Chance

Star Bharat show Papa By Chance has been giving a light-hearted ambience to viewers as it dwells into the lives of the newly turned father Yuvaan and the kids.

Produced by Full House Media, Papa By Chance has been seeing the track wherein the homeless Yuvaan (Zebby Singh) is fighting hard to find a shelter for himself and kids.

In the coming track, Amrit (Sana Ayyed) will offer him shelter and will ask him to come and stay at her home. However, she will have a clause to put, which will be that he could come and stay alone, and the kids would not be allowed.


So how will Yuvaan face this dilemma?

As per sources, “He will come up with the idea of putting the kids in huge drums and will take them inside Amrit’s house. He will tell all that the huge drums have his fitness attribute that is the protein shakes.”

Wow!! How long will Yuvaan be able to hide the kids in the house without Amrit’s knowledge?

We buzzed artists, but could not get through for comments.

Watch this space for more updates.

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