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Vyom and Sharanya get intimate in Sony TV show

Donal and Vikram’s ‘romantic moments’ in Ek Deewaana Tha

Vikram Singh Chauhan (Vyom) and Donal Bisht (Sharanya) were seen as love partners and has recently tied the knot in the much-loved show Ek Deewaana Tha.

Their chemistry has caught everyone’s attention; however people do not know the measures they take to ensure that they look comfortable and charming together. Recently, as a post marriage scene required them to get intimate, the actors requested the entire crew to clear the area as being good friends they wanted to ensure that they put their best foot forward while shooting this specific segment. This scene was picturized outdoors and both the actors requested for privacy from the team to get in their comfort zone.

As Vyom (Vikram) and Sharanya (Donal) get intimate, Shiv’s (played by Namik Paul) reflection brings in an element of thrill in the sequence. As Vikram and Donal wanted to ensure that the consummation part needs complete focus, people’s presence on set would distract them from giving their best performance. So, the duo demanded absolute absence of people not required on set while filming it. Only a few select technicians who were needed to shoot were present on the set.

An insider from the set reveals, “Vikram and Donal are very good friends and to do such a different scene together was a huge step for them. Also, they felt with the presence of more people on set, they would not be able to concentrate on their work. So, they requested the crew to vacate the set as they filmed the intimate scene.”

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