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Review of Colors’ Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Different, Complicated yet Engaging

How would you feel if your hubby fell for your best friend?  – Well, this is the one-line description of the new Colors show, Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka. The casting is huge– Aditi Sharma (Mauli) and Shakti Arora (Kunal) represent the very loving doctor couple.

Enter, Drashti Dhami as the woh (Nandini, long-lost buddy of Mauli). The set-up is complete, with Abhinav Shukla as Drashti’s on-screen abusive husband, Rajdeep.

The setting is urban. The show opens with Mauli and Kunal play-acting on their anniversary, but an emergency puts paid to their plan. Silsila caters to showing lot of normal embracing between the two; it would have been better had they shown a passionate kiss, as most couples would indulge in, in their bedrooms, but guess times are changing.. Alas!!

Also, as with every daily soap, there is a family; so we have Kunal’s always-cribbing but lovable granny, Dida (Neena Chima) and mom, Yamini (Jaya Bhattacharya). In every TV show there is always an attempt to show the working lady taking perfect care of the house with a smile. Hope they could show the reality, where, in double-income households, the woman is forced to do the chores too.

Drashti looks like a million dollars in those saris. And must say she is portraying the mentality of abused women very well. Rather than standing up for themselves, they end up agreeing with their tormenters. Hope the back story behind this is brought out well.

Drashti is very lucky to get very different kind of lead roles (Geet, Madhubala and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil). Normally, most actors fizzle out after a few shows, but she continues to rule the roost.

It would be interesting to see how Kunal, who chastises Nandini for taking abuse, ends up flipping for her. Also, we’re waiting to see how the latter agrees to let him into her heart, for right now, she only loves her hubby (dhanya hai Bharatiya naari!). Kunal has no clue that she is the same friend of his wife, who he is eager to find out more about. It would be fun to see how he finds out the truth. This complex role will surely add a feather to Shakti’s cap.

The scene where Kunal rescues a mother and her child from a car was meant to establish his caring-doctor credentials. He was also shown to be very comfortable with kids. We will not be surprised if eventually Mauli can’t conceive, pushing him further into Nandini’s arms. To make matters more interesting, a sub-plot showed Mauli having professional issues with Rajdeep, who is shown to be a ruthless businessman.

The creatives have already set the stage for Kunal and Mauli to have differences. She breaks her own rule of giving Saturday to her hubby. Hope they explain why she took up work for the weekend. Also spare a thought for poor Mauli who will lose her husband to her best friend. The challenge here would be to explain this infidelity in more mature terms. There seems to be an attempt on Colors to show cheating on spouse, for reasons that go beyond just lust, e.g. Dil Se Dil Tak.

Aditi Sharma who was earlier seen in a very different avatar in Gangaa looks fresh and glam in this show. A character good enough for her to showcase her acting chops!! Certainly, this will be an emotional journey for her, in the character. Good start, we have to say.

Abhinav has put on a lot of kilos for this negative character. Most other heroes would not have agreed for the same. But this shows his confidence. Hope other actors follow suit and do what it takes for the character. He is doing the bad man role well; there is no over-the-top acting.

Prachi Thakkar is another good actor. We hope creatives give juice to her Sweety character.

In the interest of fun, we are sure the writers might introduce one more guy opposite Mauli in the future; the love triangle will then become a love quadrilateral. Yes, you might see something new there.

To be fair, so far, they have not employed any major saas-bahu devices. But guys, don’t pull out the Champagne bottles so fast– it all boils down to ratings, which if don’t come, then everything is up for grabs.

Overall, a good differenciated storyline coming from Sphereorigins. Pearl Grey as the Creative Producer has succeeded in giving the show a good start.

Ideally, we like this current premise. Let’s hope it continues along the same lines, sans high drama.

IWMBuzz.com gives Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3 out of 5 stars.

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