reviews the new show of Sony TV, Ek Deewana Tha

Review: Ek Deewana Tha on Sony TV

There have been lot of expectations from SonyTV’s new week-day line up which will replace the high rating Kaun Banega Crorepati starting with the just launched Ek Deewana Tha.

Coming from a first-time Producer Prateek Sharma, Ek Deewana Tha we must say, has not really opened up much with respect to the story line in the episodes that have been aired in the first week. Yes, considering that this is a romantic thriller with a supernatural twist, it is expected that the makers have kept their cards close to their hearts. The initial build-up seems interesting, and the show is slowly but steadily introducing characters. But must say, the story is quite pacey with a lot happening in just three days of telecast. The best part is that the supernatural element has already got the viewers glued to the story line.

Vyom is your quintessential good guy who will sacrifice anything for his lady love. Vikram Singh Chauhan is a doing a good job and yes, we are impressed by the fact that he is kinda under playing it. He is coming across as a normal guy in love. And goodness, his role has got quite a lot of scope and the actor in him has been visible from Scene 1. But yes, the first scene of challenging God was bit OTT. But let’s accept it, the story line demanded that, as the lead girl Sharanya has been in coma for the last two years, and that day being the dreadful one wherein the doctors have decided to pull the plugs off her and declare her dead.

Donal Bisht is doing a fine job as well of a confused Sharanya who has miraculously come out of coma. Again quite a filmy approach, but it has certainly caught the viewers on an emotional note. Donal is doing the part very well of being unsure about her feelings for Vyom, who has done so much for her and family. She does not want to hurt him, yet does not want him to harbor any false expectations.

We hope there are much more layers to Amarr Upadhyay. So far he’s been shown as a positive character. But knowing the actor’s caliber, it will be great to see him bring something out-of-the-box. Playing the good Samaritan dad of Vyom will be boring for sure!! But yes, it will need to balance the outright negative version of his wife being essayed by Geeta Bisht. To be honest Amarr does not look a grown guy’s dad, by any stretch of imagination. Juxtapose this with the older actors who play Sharanya’s parents, it looks a bit jarring to the eye. In other words, let’s accept it, known faces bring in eyeballs.

We are all waiting for the entry of the good looking ghost Namik Paul. Yes, he’s been shown here and there, especially in the scene where Sharanya almost had a great fall from the top of the hospital building. He sure knows a lot about Sharanya, even more than Vyom. The flower incident makes that clear.

Talking about the production value, the show simply does not look like a Producer making a show for the very first time. Prateek has all the creative brilliance in him, after having handled shows of the quality of Saathiya and Beyhadh. The opening scene wherein the lush green of Mussorie is shown still stays in our minds. Beautiful camera work giving varied angles of the greenery, the Goddess, the steepy climb to reach the Goddess, and of Vyom running with two fire pots to reach the top in quick time. Also, the hospital scenes wherein Sharanya is about to fall have been shot well. We look forward to more of the supernatural angle, and the effective camera work here.

The story line seems gripping till now, and has already succeeded in raising the intrigue quotient in the minds of viewers. The background score adds value to the concept and the horror effects have created the needed fear.

Sony has smartly not taken off KBC in one go, and has introduced its new fiction shows in a staggered way (Haasil, Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya and Porus to come in the following weeks) so that the GRP bull run is not affected. The ratings of first week will decide the tone, for if the numbers are good the current tempo will go, lest they will try to hasten the process.

Sony mostly follows a different template, their shows are always urban and not GEC like, but sadly it has never got big bang numbers.

Will Ek Deewana Tha change the ball game, only time will tell? applauds the efforts of LSD Films team and hopes the show remains pacey and horror-filled. We give Ek Deewana Tha 3 out of 5 stars.


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