The show makes for an interesting weekend watch…

Review: India’s Best Judwaah on Zee TV

You take a certain ingredient from here and a little from there, stir it well and voila… you cook up an engaging TV show.

India’s Best Judwaah on Zee TV entertains, most certainly, and the creatives have smartly mixed popular reality show elements to cash in on ‘relatability’ under the garb of ‘novelty’.

The show, as the name suggests, put contestants, who are twins in real life, under testing circumstances to bring out the connect in them.

Joined at the hip and the heart, the twins are separated in two different groups and the ‘separation’ drama is played out to up the emotional quotient, which at times looks fake and scripted.

Well, novel is the idea of twins in a show, rest it’s a cocktail of Roadies, Splitsvilla Khatron Ke Khiladi, Jhalak (yes, the twins shake a leg too), Dance India Dance and what not.

However, it works. The show with its twists & turns and Roadies like voyeuristic scenes, doubled with performances and twins’ connection, does make for an interesting watch.

Host Karanvir Bohra brings the right amount of energy to his act, though a tad over dramatic at times, when he says,”show mera hai, niyam bhi mere’, he means it. He seems to have intertwined his art with the soul of the show, ensuring to maintain a grip on the episode flow with his nuanced anchoring. He is certainly the pivot on which the show revolves.

Veterans of reality television, twins Raghu and Rajiv, blend effortlessly and come across as master mentors. Their entry not only adds value but adds a certain gravitas which propel the prospects of India’s Best Judwaah.

The setting, stage, performances (need prep up), tasks are laudable. The episodes are directed and cut well making them riveting not mundane.

One bit of observation which is necessary to let out while reviewing the show. India’s Best Judwaah aims to hark on the emotional angle but the Roadies style scheming scenes negate the very core cause. The creatives are walking on the thin line and on not finding an apt balance, the mighty Humpty might have a great fall. Well, we wish for the best.

To sum up, India’s Best Judwaa makes for a good weekend binge watch and IndianWikiMedia would rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The show is produced by Monozygotic Solutions Pvt Ltd. The names of the twins are Harsha & Varsha, Kajol & Simran, Sankapl & Sambhav, Nauman & Salman Sait, Shriya & Riya, Saurav & Gaurav, Atul & Shailen, Rahul & Rajan, Mandeep & Navdeep, Shweta & Savita, Uzma & Bushra.

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