Pukaar – Dil Se Dil Tak the new Sony TV show produced by Prateek Sharma’s LSD Films has been made with a lot of heart. The show is an engaging blend of sophistication in the lifestyle of the Maheshwari family and the problems that the common man in the lower-middle-class and middle class face. This Jaipur- based story plot is extremely high on drama from its very first scene. Hierarchical drama, politics in business, the hunger to involve only the family in business, crushing the outsider, bagging all limelight, followed by the huge plan to kill lives – we have seen it all in the first week!! We have to tell our readers that this is a well-crafted show with a gripping storyline, immersed in emotional drama.

It opens up with the viewers being delighted to see the family of Gautam growing! A diligent worker, loving husband and father, Gautam is the reason for Maheshwari Masala to go public. The fame and popularity of the company have grown with Gautam taking all the tactical moves right. Even though his work is appreciated by the Maheshwaris, they see him as a pest who is slowly encroaching on their well-established property. The matriarch of the Maheshwari family, Rajeshwari Maheshwari wants her son Digvijay Maheshwari to become the Chairman of the company. However, the problem arises when the Board of Directors find Gautam more worthy than Digvijay for the growth of the company. This leads to a very happy and loving family being wiped out!!

Gautam, his wife Saraswati and his two kids, Janvi and Yamini face the dire consequences of an accident in which Gautam loses his life. Destiny separates the kids from their mother. Even though all three of them survive the accident, Janvi is taken away by a loving couple who have longed for a kid. Yamini is taken by a small-time thief lady, for whom the kid becomes family. Saraswati is left all alone, in the same Maheshwari household, unaware of the fact that the demons who killed her husband and kept her away from her daughters are in the same house. In order to keep Saraswati’s hopes and confidence level subdued, Rajeshwari gets Saraswati remarried to her nephew Kamal, who was actually entrusted with the work of planning their car accident.

Years pass by, and the girls grow into confident young individuals. Janvi is now Vedika Sharma, a lawyer who lives with her father and mother. She knows that she was not born to them, but believes that her parents abandoned her.

Yamini is now Koyal, who along with her mother is a small-time thief, whisking away wallets, phones etc at free will. She is naughty, street-smart and loving.

Sagar, son of Digvijay Maheshwari, returns from abroad after finishing his law degree. Sagar, like Saraswati, pines for Janvi and Yamini. Sagar and Janvi share a special bond from childhood, which is further earmarked by Rajeshwari, who wants Janvi and Sagar to get married once they grow up.

There is also a lorry driver Ratan, who is forced by Digvijay to accept responsibility for Gautam’s death. He is seen telling Saraswati that he was drunk and caused the accident. The lorry driver remains in jail even after 20 years, as the hearing for his case has not happened.

The screenplay of the show is quite adept. The story has moved at a very good pace, and we have seen a lot happening in one week. The highlights of the first week are surely the happy moments of Gautam and his family. The bond between Gautam and Saraswati, the parents with their daughters is depicted well.

The unending grief of Saraswati, after the tragic accident, can make any viewer emotional. Saraswati, though is shown to be confident of the fact that her daughters are alive and will meet her one day. This actually is similar to the prediction made to Rajeshwari by the family priest, who has told her that the reunion of the three powerful forces (mother with her daughters) is inevitable, and when it happens, they will destroy the evil. The pain and agony of Saraswati, along with her spark of positivity have been depicted well.

The story of the past walking into the present has started, with the daughters meeting each other, and even the mother. The story plot is very nicely intertwined with the Maheshwaris having a problem with Vedika’s family owing to a land in dispute. The title music is catchy, symbolizing the pain of a mother, coupled with her positive instincts of uniting with them.

Also, the emphasis has been laid that Sagar will be the catalyst for the reunion of Gautam’s family. The bond of affection between Sagar and Saraswati is beautiful to watch.

Coming to performances, Sumukhi Pendse as Rajeshwari Maheshwari commands respect for the way she executes her character. Vimarsh Roshan as Digvijyay is an apt casting. Karan Veer Mehra’s cameo has been a beautiful watch. It is hard to find a male like him, and he was the perfect man!!

Sukhada Khandkhekar as Saraswati is doing her job well, but can be better in the wide range of emotional scenes offered to her. Pankaj Bhatia has got a role that he would revel in. Abhishek Nigam has the class and the aura to carry Sagar on his shoulders and play it well too. Sayli Salunkhe is a very good choice for Vedika. Her confidence as a performer will keep her in good stead. Anushka Merchande as Koyal, is the perfect contrast to what Vedika is. Anushka is equally impressive. Shweta Gautam, Kimmy Kaur, Garima Vikrant Singh, Farukh Saeed are good performers and have challenging roles.

The only blemish that we find to be questionable in the narrative is the fact that the owners of the company, Rajeshwari and Digvijay are unaware of the decision made by the Directors to make Gautam the Chairman. We wonder how the Directors can even announce without the prime party, here the owners being aware of it.

Overall, this show is a good package of family drama and politics with a reunion plot and revenge on cards.

We at IWMBuzz.com credit Pukaar – Dil Se Dil Tak with a 3.5 stars out of 5.