Krishna Bharadwaj shoots with a donkey for Tenali Rama

Krishna Bharadwaj shares his experience of shooting with a donkey

Krishna Bharadwaj shoots with a donkey for Tenali Rama

Actor Krishna Bharadwaj, who is seen in the show Tenali Rama, shot a very interesting sequence recently. The sequence involved him training a donkey. “This is a super interesting sequence where I have been orders given by Maharaj Krishna Dev Rai and a Padosi Raja to teach a donkey. The enemy has challenged us to train a donkey. And I have been given the orders to teach him,” he says.

And guess what? The donkey that is being used is quite a filmy one. “This donkey is from the film line. The donkey has come after shooting Sultan and Thugs of Hindustan. The real name of the donkey is Nawab. It’s a very innocent donkey and it accepts the orders of its trainer,” he says.

The actor admits to being quite uncertain about the sequence before it began. “I was very surprised when I heard about this idea of shooting with an animal. But this donkey is very friendly. But I am enjoying it now. It’s fun to explore new areas of creativity,” he says.

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