Babita tells Meet not to mention Deep’s name in front of Ahlawat in the episode. Meet claims she would not divorce her spouse, but she also refuses to believe in a false accusation levelled against Deep. Babita inquires as to why she believes they are deceiving her. Raj asks Meet to grasp the issue since Ahlawat has lately moved on from this matter, and Meet should not bring up Deep’s name in front of him again because it will be difficult for him to overcome. Meet makes him promises, but he chooses to find out the reality. Ram Lakhan comes to Tej and Sunaina’s place after seeing something on the phone. Tej is ecstatic to see them, and Ahlawat explains that he brought them here because Anubha and Dadi are unavailable owing to work. Meet is overjoyed to see Ram and Lakhan. They are overjoyed to meet her after nine months. Sunaina is upset to see the children and believes it will be difficult for her to persuade Tej now. Masoom notices her and declares that she will use this subject to cause a misunderstanding between Sunaina and Meet.

Meet inquires as to whether Ahlawat left because this was vital work for him. He claims that since she’s been gone, he’s become his in-laws’ best son. Meet claims she is unaware that her family is not at home. He claims she recently returned, so it’s safe to assume she won’t know. Sunaina is irritated by Tej’s statement that Ram and Lakhan will not remain in the guest room but will instead stay with him. Meet enters the room and notices the disarray. When Ahlawat emerges from the restroom, she feels uncomfortable seeing her. She claims that this is her room as well, and that he should change his clothing as soon as possible since she has something important to discuss. She teases him and then walks away. Isha sobs in her room, believing that no one in the family understands her and that they all despise Deep, leaving her with no choice but to commit suicide. Meet intervenes and prevents her from slitting her wrist. She wants to know what Isha will get after she dies because it would make her family feel guilty for the rest of their lives. She should battle for her love and trust in Deep without giving up if she loves and trusts him.

Tej plays in his room with Ram and Lakhan, causing the room to be messed up. Ram Lakhan departs after seeing Sunaina, and Tej apologises to her for the room’s state. Tej tries to persuade her to take on the role of Ram and Lakhan’s mother, but she is not yet ready. Sunaina is enraged when Tej sleeps with Ram and Lakhan in his bed. While sleeping, Meet kicks Ahlawat, causing him to fall out of bed. He shouts because he is terrified. He then wakes her up, and she claims it was all a nightmare, but he claims she slapped him twice. She inquires as to where, to which he becomes passionate and points to his cheek and lips, causing her to kiss him. Meet proves his point by punching him in the stomach. He collapses and walks away. Meet believes he became enraged, but when he appears in cricketer’s attire, she is taken aback. He claims that she will no longer be able to attack him in the middle of the night. She laughs, then considers how she will resolve the conflict between him and Deep. She believes she may be mistaken as well.

Ragini double-checks the engagement guest list, as Raj searches for Meet. Meet accepts his blessings as she begins her first day on the job. Ragini expresses her desire for Meet to apprehend her father’s assassin as quickly as possible. The Meet’s shoe gets muddy after Ram spills a spoon. Ahlawat gets down on her knees and cleans her shoe. When Meet hesitates, Babita tells him to get up because men are not supposed to touch their wife’ feet. Meet should sparkle on her first day of duty, according to Ahlawat. She claims she’ll be back shortly. Babita encourages her to attend the engagement, but she declines because Isha is unhappy with the marriage. Meet goes on to say that she can’t support the wrong thing because her father warned her she couldn’t. She admits that she also told Ahlawat to speak with Deep. Babita yells at her for not paying attention to them. She describes herself as the type of daughter-in-law who can’t keep even one request from her in-laws. Meet requests Ahlawat to at least consider about Isha, who is agitated and concerned. As her brother, he should consider her decision. Ram declares that his decision is irrevocable, and that Isha would only marry Shantanu. He and Babita both leave, insisting that the engagement will take place today, no matter what.

Meet takes Ahlawat’s hand in his and encourages him to reconsider, but he says that he understands Isha’s pain, but her family will not make a bad decision for her. He uses his personal experience to illustrate how he and Meet were not ready to marry, but they did, and now they are happy, therefore Isha will be happy in the future. He departs after wishing Meet success in his duties. Meet is irritated.

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