Karan Vohra, the lead of Zee TV’s Mehek will have to undergo a surgery due to which he will be out of action for few weeks.

Karan Vohra OUT of action; to undergo surgery

Karan Vohra, the dashing Shaurya of Zee TV’s popular show Zindagi Ki Mehek (Parin Multimedia) will be on a medical leave for two weeks!!

News coming in to the desk of IndianWikiMedia.com is that Karan has an aggravated hernia which needs an immediate surgery.


So what will happen to Shaurya in the track?

Well, as always, a high drama has been churned out in order to grant Karan his much required leave.

As per sources, “Shaurya will go missing in the coming track. This will be the outcome of a huge conspiracy going on against Shaurya. The creative team is presently working on this major chunk of the story which will come up after Shaurya’s disappearance.”

As for Karan, the young lad has always been sincere towards his work, and was last seen shooting for the show, even when the pre-marriage celebrations of his sister were on. But now, he is in a medical condition wherein he needs to get the surgery done immediately.

If sources are to be believed, Karan recently ended up aggravating his hernia when he had to lift his co-star and lead Samiksha Jaiswala aka Mehek twice for a sequence.

We buzzed Karan, but did not get a response from him.

We reached out to Producer Saurabh Tewari, and the channel spokesperson but did not get any revert till we filed the story.

We at IndianWikiMedia.com wish Karan a speedy recovery post surgery…. Drop in your wishes right here for your favourite actor.

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