Amit is known for his superb acting skills

Amit Sinha is Kroor Singh of Ekta Kapoor’s Chandrakanta

Kroor Singh, the iconic character immortalized by stupendous portrayal by Akhilendra Mishra in yesteryear presentation of Chandrakanta, has found a new leaf with modern day producers telling the tale in a fresh narrative.

Life OK’s Chandrakanta under the aegis of Nikhil Sinha has opened to lukewarm response and TV’s Czarina Ekta Kapoor is also taking a shot in the arm with the concept with her style of depiction to be launched soon on Colors.

The casting process is still on and it is said that Madhurima Tuli might play the titular role of Chandrakanta in Ekta’s ambitious venture.

However, the role of Kroor Singh is also pivotal to the plot. We have been told that actor Amit Sinha (movies like Jail, Metro, Topless) has been signed to the play the villainous and vicious Amit.

Amit is known for its impeccable acting acumen and will add a nuanced flavor to the portrayal.

We buzzed Amit for a comment but he chose to remain mum.

Will he match the iconic steps of Akhilendra Mishra? Only time will tell.

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