It’s been a nerve wrecking weekend for Akash and Shilpa, who have both managed to survive the eviction. Treating this as a second chance, Akash makes the most of this opportunity by playing the game smartly.

Monday blues seem to hit the contestants quite hard today, as it’s time for this week’s nomination task, in which Arshi Khan has a major role to play. The contestants give their best to get into Arshi’s good books to save themselves from eviction

Today, one will witness the first crack in the brotherly bond between Priyank and Luv. Priyank gets upset with Luv as he feels that he is going behind his back by keeping secrets; Hina also sides with Priyank and the three get into a tiff. Looking at the heated argument, Hina can’t stand the fact that her two close friends are at each other’s neck.

The lawn area is now the grounds for the nomination task. A tree with apple shaped balloons will determine the fate of the contestants this week. Every balloon has the picture of one contestant on it. The current captain of the house, Arshi Khan has the authority to burst the balloon of any contestant she feels like, each time Bigg Boss rings the gong. The ‘gharwale’ have been divided into two teams: Team Red and Team blue. Both the teams have to come up with a strategy to convince Arshi to save them by not bursting their team’s balloon. Arshi enjoys the task as this is a golden chance for her to take revenge on her enemies in the Bigg Boss house.

Which team will Arshi save?

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