Bigg Boss 12 house divided into Shinde Pariwaar and Gupta Pariwaar

Bigg Boss 12 update: Vikas’ team to take lead in Rangoli task

Bigg Boss 12 seems to be heading towards quite a nail-biting drama. This week’s nominations on Bigg Boss 12 have taken all the ‘contestants’ by surprise. With nine contestants nominated, things are going to turn super exciting. Also, with Bigg Boss bringing ex-contestants Vikas and Shilpa back in the house, the entertainment quotient has raised.

The house is now divided into two parts – Gupta Pariwaar and Shinde Pariwaar. Gupta Pariwaar has Karanvir, Srishty, Dipika, Shivashish, Megha and Jasleen while Shinde Pariwaar has Romil, Somi, Surbhi, Deepak, Urvashi and Sreesanth. The task is called ‘BB Gaon Ki Rangoli Pratiyogita’. There are two houses and an aangan in front of each house.

As a part of the task, after each gong that sounds like a firecracker, the contestant from each team had to run to the storeroom to collect items and hand it over to the team member making the rangoli. Vikas and Shilpa are the sanchalak of this task. Vikas and Shilpa’s entry has definitely changed the atmosphere of the house and all the housemates are pumped up to give in their best to win the challenge.

We hear on the first day, Vikas’ team will win the task and take a lead.

Now, what will happen tomorrow? Will Shilpa’s team take over Vikas’ team?

Keep reading for more updates from Bigg Boss 12 house.

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