Krishna Bharadwaj of Tenali Rama fame speaks to IWMBuzz

I am bloating due to overeating and lack of exercise – Krishna Bharadwaj on Coronavirus lockdown

Krishna Bharadwaj of SAB TV show Tenali Rama is trying to keep calm in the on-going coronavirus lockdown.

“I am not trying to think about the economic or societal consequences, or about getting back to work. Right, all we need to do is stay at home and prevent the virus from spreading. Though from a philosophical point of view, we brought this on our heads. Mother Nature is not exacting revenge but just dolling out back out what we have been dumping on her. Everything in life interconnected, so what goes around, comes around.”

So how are you passing the time being locked up at home?

“I am sure catching up on lost sleep time. In the last three years, I must never have got my full quota of eight hours shuteye, as daily show leads don’t get off days. Besides that, I am also reading books, watching world cinema, and yes, eating away to glory.”

But will not that affect your physique due to lack of exercise?

“I am already bloating a tad, but it is ok. I will hit the gym with gusto when the lockdown is lifted and will come back to shape,” he ends.

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