Akash, Priyank and Hiten have been sent to the dreaded Kaalkothari for being the worst performers in the previous task. It is now time for the new captain to take over the responsibilities of the house. Bigg Boss asks the winning team to elect, with mutual consent, top 2 contenders for captaincy. But arriving at a decision seems difficult as each person wants to desperately fight it out to be the next leader.

The queen of controversy, Arshi Khan wants to retain her captaincy as she claims she attained the previous captaincy in ‘khairath’. Shilpa on the other hand is equally determined to fight for captaincy, as she has till date sacrificed that position for the inmates in the house. Shilpa and Arshi get into multiple arguments with each other and seem to be having a hard time on meeting midway for the same.

Vikas willingly sacrifices his captaincy and suggests Arshi and Shilpa should be the top contenders but Luv does not think Arshi capable enough to retain her captaincy. His preference would be Shilpa and himself, post which he gets into an intense argument with Arshi.

Arshi Khan who lately became friends with Hina Khan is upset with Hina as she watches Hina and Luv passing comments on her dressing sense and accuses them of shaming her after the CP Plus task two days ago. Vikas lashes out at Priyank and Luv after finding out what they have said behind his back in the CP Plus task. 

Who is elected Captain this week?

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