Star Plus show Divya Drishti starrer Sana Sayyad, Nyra Banerjee will not be going anywhere for a bit longer

Divya Drishti to hang around for a bit more?

There might be good news for Divya Drishti fans. The fear of this Sana Sayyad, Nyra Banerjee fantasy going off air seems to have waned. We had run a story a little while ago, suggesting that Star Plus might end this show. Back then, producer Mukta Dhond had given the following quote, “Divya Drishti is currently on a good run. But I don’t believe in stretching shows endlessly if we can’t hold on to the numbers. So the plan is to run DD till we as a team (Mrinal Jha, Nikita Dhond and I) are confident of the performance. When we think the story is up, we will end it. The fixed date for that, I don’t know. And the Star Plus team is fully. supporting me in this.”

Now it seems that the show will not be going anywhere for a bit longer, for Mukta gave us the latest udpate saying, “Divya Drishti is currently discussing a new, longer story, with some big surprises.”

There was also media buzz suggesting that Mukta might get one more Fireworks Production (like Divya Drishti), which might go on to replace the latter. However, Mukta, who is currently also the creative director of Naagin 3, called the story completely untrue. “I have no intention or intimation of Divya Drishti shutting, or me getting another show.”

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