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Replacement in Star Bharat's Ayushman Bhava.

Kajal Jain to REPLACE Megha Gupta in Star Bharat’s Ayushman Bhava

Star Bharat’s reincarnation saga Ayushman Bhava (Citram Screens and White Horse International) will see lot of changes in the post leap story line.

With Sumit Bhardwaj taking over from Ricky Patel, the thriller will take a new shape now.

Also we wrote about Sudha Chandran entering the show as mother of Vikrant (Manish Goel).

The makers plan to start the post leap phase with a bang with a higher dose of intrigue added to the show.

Now here comes another major news from the desk of IndianWikMedia.com

Talented actor Megha Gupta who essayed the lead role of Samaira will no longer be part of the show.

Yes, you heard it right!!! And getting into the shoes of Samaira after the 13 years leap will be actress Kajal Jain who played the lead in Zee TV’s Buddha.

As per sources, “Though Megha and the production house were very happy in the association, Megha did not want to be part of the show after the 13 years jump in story line. Also she expressed her dissatisfaction over the varied creative changes. However, Megha has very amicably moved out of the show. ”

Samaira’s character will now be shown totally negative and the lady will be similar to the role of Simmi Grewal in the movie Karz.

We buzzed both Kajal and Megha but could not get talking to them.

Also we buzzed Producer Anuradha Sarin and channel spokesperson, but received no revert.

Watch this space at IndianWikiMedia.com.

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