Kulfi Kumar Bajewala actor Mohit Malik inspires us all the more with his determined goal to aim for perfection.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Mohit Malik is unstoppable even after a great fall

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala the hit show on Star Plus and Sikandar Singh Gill played by Mohit Malik seem unstoppable!!

Well, the recent news of the show’s shift in time slot was indeed a letdown for the loyal viewers of the show. For the uninitiated, the show will move to the 6.30 PM slot soon.

Also the rumors of Mohit Malik quitting the show owing to the leap happening has also dampened the spirits of many fans of the popular actor.

But nothing literally nothing stops Sikandar and Mohit.

Recently, Mohit was shooting for a sequence wherein Sikandar was sitting on a cart. All of a sudden the cart wobbled and gave way, and Mohit had a huge fall to the ground. But the actor soon grabbed back him momentum, got up and continued the shot.


We have heard many stories of perseverance, hard work and dedication that Mohit Malik as an actor puts into his craft of acting. And this is one more example of it, to say honestly!!

Catch the sequence of Mohit falling here.



Truly, we love you Mohit as Sikandar and believe that we have a lot more in store to see him in action!!


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