Back when Shraddha Arya showed her love for her favorite food item!

When Kundali Bhagya Actress Shraddha Arya Confessed Her Love For THIS Food

When it comes to food, every one of us just stops for a moment to start to think of some delicious items, say shawarma or chicken biryani. Well, not just we common people but the celebrities too get their share of love for the food and how! Today, we are going to talk about one such celebrity who made us all fall in love with her act before and now with her love for food!

Yep, you guessed her right! She is none other than Shraddha Arya. The beautiful and sexy actress is fond of eating and there has to be variety when you have immense love for food. Being a foodie is not a big deal as we see many actors and actresses revealing that they are a big foodie. But Shraddha Arya is a little different foodie from others.

Shraddha Arya mostly loves to have homemade food when it comes to being the foodie. Since we all see her these days in Kundali Bhagya playing the strong character of Preeta Luthra, she already makes us proud. Also, Dheeraj Dhoopar plays her on-screen husband, Karan Luthra in the show. Now Dheeraj Dhoopar’s wife Vinny Arora is a great friend of Shraddha Arya. The three of them appreciate each other’s company a lot.

Shraddha Arya shared the picture of Chicken chilly on her official Twitter handle and thanked Vinny Arora. It seems the two of them are having good times together. Also, Dheeraj Dhoopar was present there. Shraddha Arya’s love for chicken in lunch is seen in the picture below:

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