The two senior actors will now enter Zee TV’s Piya Albelaa to play key roles.

Mamta Verma and Rudrakshi Gupta to enter Zee TV’s Piya Albelaa

Zee TV’s popular show Piyaa Albelaa (Rajshri Productions) recently saw the entries of Surbhi (Ritu Chauhan) and Dr. Anand (Suraj Kakkar).

While Harish (Avinash Wadhawan) wants his son Naren (Akshay Mhatre) to get married to Surbhi, Dr. Anand will come in as the new guy in Pooja’s (Sheen Dass) life.

Now, two more important entries will happen in the show, and that will be of Dr. Anand and Surbhi’s mothers. With their entry, the tracks will proceed towards the weddings of Naren with Surbhi and Pooja with Anand.

Coming in at this juncture will be actresses Mamta Verma and Rudrakshi Gupta.

As per sources, “While Mamta will play the NRI mother of Surbhi, Rudrakshi will portray the role of Anand’s mother.”

When contacted, both Rudrakshi and Mamta confirmed that they will soon start shoot for Piya Albelaa.

How will the love tale of Naren and Pooja shape up with all the new developments?

Watch this space for more updates.


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