Neha Kakkar the Judge of Sony TV’s Indian Idol 11 is again on the verge of showering her kindness with her cute gesture. Check it out here.

Neha Kakkar has a heart of ‘gold’ and here’s the proof

Neha Kakkar the Judge of Sony TV’s Indian Idol 11 is again into action as she exhibited her kindness once more on the stage of the show.

Recently, Neha was gracious enough to help Roshan Sahib, the paralysis-hit musician.

Now with the Republic Day’s special episode being shot, the episode is all set to grace the brave soldiers who take the onus of saving our nation from all threats possible. The episode will have the army personnel, police, lifeguards, fighters, people driving ambulances etc present.

With the VIP guests narrating incidents of their brave acts, Neha was dumbstruck by the efforts put in by Bipin Ganatra a firefighter who has been risking his life to save people for the last 40 years.

What’s more?

Neha donated 2 lakhs to Bipin for his pilgrimage and asked him to finally take some time off from work. This gesture of Neha was appreciated by one and all on the set of Indian Idol.

She was quoted saying, “The way you have been protecting us without thinking about yourself is such a selfless deed. I cannot express how happy I am to meet you. I would like to give you 2 lakhs as a gesture for the years you have put in to save people.”


Neha, you have a golden heart!!

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