There will be two important entries in the Colors’ popular weekend show, Dev.

Pooja Banerjee returns to Colors’ Dev in a new avatar; Rajesh Khera roped in

Colors’ weekend thriller Dev (Peninsula Pictures) starring handsome hunk Ashish Chaudhary will see a new development!!

Actress Puja Banerjee who essayed the role of Mehek, the dead wife of Dev will now make a comeback in the show!!

No, she’s not getting back from the dead!! Instead she will be seen in a new avatar, that of a yoga teacher Vaani.

Also entering the show will be talented actor Rajesh Khera.

As per sources, “Rajesh Khera and Pooja Banerjee will play a couple. Mr. Sahay, Khera’s character will be a scholar.”

Dev will bump into Vaani and this will be when Dev will get interested in her as she will be a look-alike of his dead wife.

How will the entry of Mehak’s look-alike and her husband impact Dev?

We buzzed Pooja but she remained out of reach.

When contacted, Rajesh Khera asked us to call him later.

We reached out to the channel spokesperson, but did not get any revert till we filed the story.

If sources are to be believed, Khera and Pooja will have a long-running role.

Watch this space for more exclusive updates.

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