Rocky Jaiswal simply cannot get words to express the good qualities in his girl friend, Hina Khan. Read here..

Rocky Jaiswal is all praise for his girl, Hina Khan!!

Being in love and appreciating the good deeds of the person you love are two different things!!

It’s known to all that popular actress Hina Khan and her boy friend Rocky Jaiswal have been going strong in relationship for many years now!! Hina has always been vocal about how she missed Rocky when she was shooting with the crew for Khatron Ke Khiladi!!

Now it is Rocky’s chance to express his love and appreciation for Hina!!

At the Bigg Boss house, Hina has been at the centre of few fights, especially when it came to her locking horns with another actress Shilpa Shinde.

In yesterday’s episode though, Hina was shown trying to patch up with Shilpa after her huge verbal combats. However, Shilpa remained dis-interested…

Hina’s boy friend Rocky saw this quality in his girl as her ‘shining armour’ and even took to Instagram to applaud Hina’s good nature…

Here is Rocky’s quote on social media…

Well, u never cease to surprise me @realhinakhan U r even more stronger than I thought u were. A simple girl who looks at everything through the same spectacle, no double standards, no discriminations and no bias. No wonder everyone is attracted towards u cuz ur so impossible to ignore, sum who like u..luv u n worship u….n some who like u …talk ill about u to get ur attention it’s just the way ur charm works. I see a walking Heart when I look at u, full of emotions when ur vulnerable and hardcore practical when the wind blows south. A book in writing and for those who think ur inexperienced in life are just finding it difficult to not be able to predict the next chapter for u. We miss u here n pray that u conclude ur journey in #Bigboss11 with courage, grace, humour, substance and style!!

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Well, he’s indeed besotted in his love for Hina!! And here’s a man who is missing her badly…

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