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SAB TV’s Baavle Utaavle to take a leap; Funty and Guddu’s story to continue with new twists

SAB TV’s Baavle Utaavle prepares for a leap

SAB TV show Baavle Utaavle has showcased the humorous yet sweet journey of a curious young couple, Guddu (Paras Arora) and Funty (Shivani Badoni), along with their struggles to manage and understand the intricacies of marriage. The story, which is set in a rustic town of MP has consistently brought out the several flavors of marriage and relationships weaved beautifully together with love, care and light humour. This comedy entertainer is now set to take a 3 year leap and bring an exciting new spin to the story along with some new faces.

In a shocking turn of events, Funty loses her memory due to an accident and forgets everything that has occurred in her life starting from her marriage to Guddu. A much responsible Guddu is now on a quest to win his wife’s love back but has a situation on his hands – he has a new lady in his life, Chulbuli Pandey, who adores him and pretends to be his wife, which makes Funty question his intentions towards her. Enter Salman Sharma, an alternative therapy doctor and Funty’s childhood friend who is trying to help her regain her memory but in the process falls in love with her. The show spins into a series of complex swings, and will take audiences on a quest to find out if Funty will ever remember that Guddu is her soul mate and that they’re a married couple!

Will Guddu and Funty be able rebuild their love story again?

Shivani Badoni, playing the role of Funty said, “With all the new characters on the show, it is so exciting to see the evolution of this relationship between Guddu and Funty. I think everyone has this fear that someday someone they love will forget them; this is a test of those odds. Funty and Guddu have the biggest obstacle in front of them and seeing if they get past it is going to be an interesting journey for everyone.” 

Paras Arora, playing the role of Guddu said, “The show is headed towards a dramatic twist. A leap of 3 years is about to bring a completely different yet intriguing angle to the story. Guddu is on a mission and he has not given up on their love. He is on a pursuit to gethis wife back and remind her of their times together. The journey won’t be easy. But the audiences will definitely have a great time watching this couple try and find their way back to each other despite all the odds.”

Watch Guddu and Funty’s love take a new turn in an upcoming leap on Baavle Utaavle, every Monday-Friday at 10 pm only on SAB TV.

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