Contestants celebrate Diwali Mela in the Bigg Boss 12 house with Sapna Chaudhary, Sana Khan, Zorwar Kalra

Sapna Chaudhary, Sana Khan, Zorwar Kalra’s ‘dhamakedaar’ entry in Bigg Boss 12

Every week brings in a new ray of hope for the contestants as they aspire to be the captain. With Deepak’s captainship coming to an end, Jasleen and Sreesanth were nominated as the contenders for captaincy. While, the contestants had already started with their planning and plotting, Bigg Boss added a twist in this week’s captaincy task that was called – BB DIWALI MELA. For this, Bigg Boss had planned a fun filled day with entertaining activities which needed everyone’s participation.

As a part of the task, the contestants were given 2 badges with Jasleen and Sreesanth’s name on it. They had to wear the name badge of the person they were supporting. Jasleen and Sreesanth were given 1,50,000 points each which could be used to buy things from the mela to lure the contestants to support them. But, another surprise that awaited the contestants, were the 3 special guests that had come to sell various items for Diwali.

First up, was ex BIgg Boss contestant and glamourous actor Sana Khan who was selling beautiful designer clothes. Everyone ran to Jasleen for points and Jasleen obliged to their request. Everyone was happy with Jasleen’s gesture as they got to buy new clothes before Diwali. Next up was another ex-contestant and popular dancer Sapna Chowdhury. The contestants had to buy tickets from Sreesanth, to watch this electrifying dance performance. Sreesanth too fulfilled everyone’s request.

After, buying amazing clothes and watching a stunning performance, it was time for the contestants to have some lip smacking food.  And, this wish was fulfiled as the renowned chef, Zorawar Kalra came in with a delicious menu to be served to the contestants. But this too came with a price. For the final round, the contestants had to give a reason on who they want support and only then they would get points to have the meal of their choice. This was also the deciding round.

A delicious meal, an entertaining act and a shopping extravaganza, what more can one ask for.

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