Salman Khan to throw Shivashish out from the Bigg Boss house

Shivashish to be kicked out from Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 12 is turning more dramatic with each passing day.

Last night Romil was given a special power as Captain, according to which he could send any three contestants to jail. His first victim was Megha, who reluctantly agreed. However, when he took Shivashish’s name, he refused to go to jail as he felt there were bigger culprits than him who deserved the punishment.

Bigg Boss asked Shivashish to abide by the rules as this could affect the entire house. Housemates like Dipika, Jasleen and Karanvir tried to make him understand but he refused. As a result, Bigg Boss cancelled the kalkothri task altogether and nominated all the contestants except Romil for next week’s evictions.

In Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan will kick Shivashish Mishra out of the house for breaking house rules and respecting the captain’s orders. As punishment for what he did, Salman announces that Shivashish will have to leave the house for breaking important rules.

This would come as a shocker to everyone in the house.

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