Star Bharat has always been entertaining the audience with its great content and a talented ensemble cast. Actor Shoaib Ibrahim is not falling behind in capturing the hearts of viewers with his fantastic character in the upcoming episode of the television series ‘Ajooni.’ With the growing appreciation for the show among the audience, Shoaib is once again prepared to win the viewers hearts over.

The current track of the show is being well received by the audience. The special thing is that in the upcoming track of the show, viewers are going to see many ups and downs, which will be very interesting for the viewers to watch. Rajveer (played by Shoaib Ibrahim) and Ajooni (played by Ayushi Khurana) have faced every challenge thrown at the Bagga family together and now once again the Bagga family is about to face a big problem, which Rajveer and Ajooni will have to deal with. Ajooni has taken it on her shoulders and they are going to execute it as Rajveer dons a new avatar, which will be very interesting to watch, know.

As per information received from a source present on the sets of the show, “Shoaib is seen in a completely different look in the show where he has donned the look of a Sardar who is going to look very stylish. Where he is wearing a turban and his team supporting him is also going to be seen in a completely different avatar, wearing funny glasses. Rajveer has taken this look to save his father’s honor, which he has promised to his father. In such a situation, Rajveer ji will try his best to win his father’s trust. But why he is going to do this is going to be interesting for the audience to see.”

Let us tell you that in the current track of the show, we have seen that there are many internal conflicts in the Bagga family, of which Ajooni has become a victim many times. In such a situation, now this new challenge on the Bagga family is itself another example of their mutual enmity or this time the Bagga family is going to face a big problem.